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Need an extra brochure or want to let someone not around here in on this great sale? Well look no further.

A PDF of the sales sheet and the order form are below. Please feel free to pass them along as much as you’d like. The more share, the better the returns for the organization after all!

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At Clary House health and wellness are our main priority. We also believe that applies to our community as well. Without a healthy community we can not succeed. Success is a two way street, we feel that if we give back to our community then it will come back to us full circle. Its really the way all business should be run really. That’s why at Clary House we offer customized fundraisers for you small group or team. With that, a percentage of the profit of the sale will go directly back to the group in the community helping everyone to obtain their goals. Keep reading below for more information on how to get your own fundraiser started up. Thanks for checking it out!