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At Clary House health and wellness are our main priority. We also believe that applies to our community as well. Without a healthy community we can not succeed. Success is a two way street, we feel that if we give back to our community then it will come back to us full circle. Its really the way all business should be run really. That’s why at Clary House we offer customized fundraisers for you small group or team. With that, a percentage of the profit of the sale will go directly back to the group in the community helping everyone to obtain their goals. Keep reading below for more information on how to get your own fundraiser started up. Thanks for checking it out!

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Are you tired of being bombarded with the same old fundraisers everytime you show up work, church, the game or open up your Facebook feed? We sure are, and we’re betting you might be too.

The entire point of a fundraiser is to raise funds. Its as basic as that. How does one maximize that potential then? Simple, offer something that no one else does. And that’s just what Clary House strives to do.

With our fundraisers you won’t have to go to a party at anyone’s house, try to sell some kind of mystery summer sausage, pedal a discount card with 80% of it being places you know you’ll never visit or be the 8th person at the office to bring in the exact same order form this month. We believe that fundraisers shouldn’t be a one size fits all situation. Instead you’ll work with our fundraising coordinator to create a custom fundraiser that is tailored to fit the needs of your group or team. That way if something is build especially for you, your chances to get the maximum return on your sale are greatly increased. And that really is the point of it anyway, right?

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Now that you’ve made it this far, your next question is probably; how can I get my own fundraiser started right away? Well, its pretty simple, there is a form down below. Just fill that out with all the pertinent information and click submit. Once you do that our Fundraising Coordinator, Brandy, will be in-touch with you right away.

During your consultation, you’ll have the opportunity to discuss the time frame, focus and scale of your fundraising goals. From there we will provide you with all the materials you’ll need in order to maximize your efforts. Then its all up to you. But we have confidence in you, we think our products are great and can really sell themselves.

Clary House does try and tailor our sales and not have too much overlap in who is currently selling or what products they are featuring. That way the market is never too saturated and should give you the absolute best results. And that really is the main goal anyway right?

We look forward to hearing from you and getting you started right away! Thanks for choosing Clary House for your fundraising goals!

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