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We believe you deserve better than a rushed massage by a rookie therapist in a place that makes you feel more stressed than when you came in. We want you to get exactly the kind of service you want and expect at a price that doesn’t put that out of reach. We look at massage and body treatments as more than just a luxury item, we see them as a path to a healthier future. Clary House believes everything is connected, so a healthy body will lead to a healthy mind, which leads to a healthy life. And thats really what we’re all after in the end.

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Our appointments always start with one of our therapists asking you what you might like to work on today, or whats bothering you. That way each and every treatment we perform is perfectly tailored to your needs. We are always willing to give our expert advice as to which treatment may suit your body or issues best, without any of the high-pressure sales or monthly contracts like some those other guys. You come to Clary House to relax and to leave refreshed. We will do everything to make sure that is your reality.

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