Clary House Cancellation Policy

Please cancel any services minimum 24 hours before your scheduled appointment. Any client is free to notify the shop by calling and leaving a message if necessary, or by messaging via our Facebook page or chat bot available at Please do not text or call back the number that provides appointment reminders. The staff will not receive the message as it is a messaging system strictly used by our scheduling software. 


Your credit card will only be charged if we have not been contacted in a reasonable amount of time or at all. By verification of your contact information and the scheduling of any service at Clary House you agree to the terms of a $30 charge per service booked if you as the client have not provided enough notice as outlined above. 


In regards to illness and emergencies. Please do NOT come to an appointment when you feel unwell. It’s in the best interest of the staff and clients to not spread and viruses or colds. If you contact the shop to notify us of your condition and prefer to cancel you will not be charged the cancellation fee. If you choose not to notify us even in the event of illness we will consider this a no show and will bill it appropriately. We as a staff promise to be reasonable and fair with the new agreements. 


The cancellation policy is only in place to keep staff paid for appointments that have been scheduled. Clary House will then pay the wages portion of the appointment to the staff member that would have been providing the service to the client that has accepted charges. This policy is not in place to be profitable nor is it in our best interest to have an appointment go unfilled.